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is our innovative, commercial marketing specialist with over 25 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry with a niche in the shopping center and mixed-use space sector. With an easygoing demeanor and uncanny ability to put clients at ease, Rob is held in high regard by our clientele. He is skilled at identifying market trends that could potentially be successful business opportunities for clients. Running an award-winning marketing agency in the past equipped him with team leadership, outstanding marketing capabilities, and a thirst for seeking out the newest advances in the advertising and marketing industry.

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Digital & Social Media Specialist


 is our multitalented marketing specialist with an unparalleled ability to translate goals into compelling visuals. He handles all types of marketing activations and ensures client metric reporting is on point. Having worked in various marketing agencies and organizations, Asutay brings extensive experience in all things digital and social media, and is sure to represent your brand as creatively and innovatively as possible.

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Marketing Operations Manager


Pam Pasco is our passionate Marketing Operations Manager with extensive experience in the marketing and advertising industry. She wears different hats that fit each client’s needs to deliver outstanding quality of work. Her experience involved account and project management, including handling multiple local and global brands.

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Creative Director & Social Media Specialist


is our creative director and social media enthusiast. Having worked in content creation and social media management for major shopping centres and marketing agencies, Anni delivers her creative spark in the most exceptional ways and helps our clients shine in a crowded marketplace. 

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Customer Engagement Manager

Mechiel torres

is a Jane of all Trades, she is our go-to person for various business needs whether it’s researching and reporting to handling administrative tasks and managing web pages. Her experience in supporting different functions at a non-profit organization of entrepreneurs has made her multifaceted nature shine in whatever tasks are assigned to her. Having managed several projects in the BPO industry has also molded her to be flexible and acquire excellent customer service skills. She currently manages a large-scale messaging project for multiple shopping centres across Canada.